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Ideal Electric, Inc: The Ideal Electricians

Ideal Electric, Inc. was founded by Ron Giese in 1985, with his drive and determination to give a better electrician service experience to businesses and home owners. With this drive in mind, Ron set out and started Ideal Electric, Inc. Since then, Ron has kept Ideal Electric a small, family-owned company. Ron felt that if you keep it small, you are able to give the business and home owner the special attention that they are looking for. This makes us your ideal electricians!

Master Electricians

In 2012, Ron retired and has handed the business down to Jeremy Giese, who is a second generation master electrician also. Jeremy has been around the electrical trade all his life. He started going on service calls with Ron when he was only 10 years old.

Growing up, Jeremy initially felt this wasn’t the occupation for him. He went on to go to school for landscape design. After a few years tormenting his body, Jeremy realized that landscape design wasn’t the dream job either, and went back to the family business. Since then, Jeremy has been shadowing under Ron and learning everything there is to know about being a journeyman electrician. Jeremy is the proud new owner of Ideal Electric, Inc., and has the same drive and determination as Ron did, that is to give the customer the best service and response possible.

Licensed and Bonded Electrical Contractor in Southeastern WI

Ideal Electric, Inc. is a state licensed and bonded electrical contractor that serves all of Southeastern Wisconsin. We take all electrical emergency calls, 24 hours a day/365 days a year.

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